Max facilitated meditation three times a week at my office. Needless to say, each visit proved to be a hallmark of my day. Max carries an uncanny ability of transfiguring a seemingly quick thirty-minute meditation into a deepening with oneself rather than a time of mindless reprieve. After every meditation I experienced a sense of renewal and revitalization, which reflected in my productivity and success at work. I entirely appreciate Max’s guided meditations and his ability in cultivating and containing space within a busy work environment (and a busy mind).
— Dylan
Its been incredibly beneficial having Max lead meditation sessions in our office. Max does an excellent job of personalizing sessions to accommodate the needs of those in attendance and makes all feel welcome and comfortable. Our team noticeably benefitted from mindfulness during the busy summer season and attending meditation together fostered a sense of community amongst colleagues from different departments.
— Meagan
For about 4 years I struggled to incorporate a regular meditation practice into my routine. My interest was there but finding a consistent, dedicated time was a challenge. That is until Max began offering three half-hour meditation sessions per week at my office. Over the course of a year and a half, I found myself deep in the woods of my meditation practice. I owe this to Max. His intuitive and heart-centered approach to meditation finally clicked for me, allowing me to overcome my years of false starts. Max is a kind, gentle soul — a joy to work with. I am truly grateful for him helping me to get my meditation practice off the ground so I can continue exploring for many years to come.
— Eddie
Max’s meditation sessions were my very first introduction to mindfulness. They were a welcome and engaging break from an otherwise stressful job. The space he creates is safe and inviting. He experiments with different types of practices to best meet peoples expressed needs. Even after leaving that job, I still keep up with a mindfulness practice thanks to Max’s teachings.
— Wendell