Let's get nerdy for a minute.

Modern neuroscience and psychology are finally catching up with ancient philosophy and wisdom. New research is showing us what monks and meditators have known for thousands of years. Our brains are mutable, plastic, and able to change themselves through our own practices. By practicing attention, self-awareness (also called "meta-cognition"), and by focusing on certain positive thoughts, we can reshape the neural networks in our brains to make them healthier from the inside out.

We can train ourselves to be happier, more productive, and more compassionate in our relationships. Even while we're at work.

In addition to these short-term benefits, regular mindfulness practice reduces stress, and actually thickens the gray matter in our brains. We become more resilient and better at dealing with the ups and downs life throws at us.

Our mindfulness classes are designed specifically to maximize these benefits, while developing a sense of comfort and equanimity in the often-stressful office environment.

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