Wellness Programs

We use mindfulness techniques such as meditation, yoga, integrated movement, and compassionate communication, to help bring attention, comfort, and gratitude to your workplace. Classes are specifically designed for your company, and we aim to incorporate your mission and company values into each session.

Our programs are booked through HR as employee wellness benefits, and are free for individual employees to attend. If you would like to see mindfulness sessions at your office, please contact us or encourage your HR department to contact us directly.

Initial Consultation: We want to give you the opportunity to meet in person and get a taste of our offerings before committing to a class or workshop. We'll come by your office, discuss specific challenges you're working on, chat about which offerings might best suit your workplace, and lead a meditation session for you and your colleagues who would like to try it out.

Fundamentals of Meditation

8-Week Series
Explore the fundamentals of meditation: how to sit, specific traditions, latest neuroscience research, and strategies for developing a personal practice. Eight 1-hour sessions, each a mix of theory, discussion, and guided practice. Perfect for beginner meditators, or those wishing to solidify their practice. $1500

Taught by Max Calabro

Yoga For Relief

8-Week Series
Explore a yoga practice created with working people in mind: decrease stress, increase energy, and be more present at work and home. Eight 1-hour sessions of gentle hatha yoga instruction include basic breathing exercises, physical postures, guided relaxation, and support in creating a personal yoga practice. Great for all levels of yoga experience, especially for beginners. $1500

Taught by Rebecca Macy

Drop-In Classes: We'll come to your office to lead 30-minute guided meditation sessions (best bundled back-to-back!) or 60-minute yoga classes. No previous experience necessary or expected. Class size limited to a medium-sized conference room (about 15-20, depending on the space you have available). Weekly classes are a great follow-up to an introductory series.

Integrated Wellness Packages: By combining several complementary offerings into an employee wellness package, you'll see the benefits to employees and your business multiply. Think geometric vs. linear growth. It might be twice weekly meditation and one afternoon a week massage, or weekly yoga classes with a monthly workshop on improving communication. We'll work with you to create the perfect wellness package for the size and shape of your workplace.

Other offerings: Looking for an offering not listed here? Whether it's nutrition, reiki, or acupuncture, we're happy to utilize our extensive network of health and wellness professionals to provide the right solution for your workplace.

For Non-Profits: You are doing great work, and we want to support it! Schedule permitting, we offer one free 30-minute session per month for your non-profit. Just holler!


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