Max Calabro
Founder, Meditation Coach

Max has been practicing meditation and yoga for over a decade. After receiving degrees in physics and geophysics (B.A., Amherst College, M.S., University of Oregon), he set off to join the business world in green building consulting. A deep drive to empower others eventually led him away from the desk, to teaching and writing. His journey with mindfulness has included Zen Buddhism, Hatha yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, and Vipassana meditation. His teaching is a secular blend of these techniques, focusing on present-moment awareness, compassion, and observing the architecture of the mind. 

Max is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200-Hour), and studied in India under the tutelage of the wonderful teachers at Samyak Yoga. You can find Max's blog and personal website at maxcalabro.com


Ryan Kenny
Meditation Coach

Ryan serendipitously discovered the power of meditation over ten years ago while experimenting with Zen techniques as he trained for a marathon. Out of this moving meditation practice grew an embodied appreciation and passion for mindfulness. He has since sought instruction from a variety of Eastern wisdom traditions and Western professional trainings to gain greater understanding of the inner-workings of the mind and to help others develop healthy qualities of mind and well-being.

Ryan holds a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus in Mental Health from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He studied neuroscience at the Center For Investigating Healthy Minds, received instructor training from UMASS's Center for Mindfulness and Mindful Schools in Northern CA. He also developed mindfulness curricula for public school teachers and students, and has had the privilege of teaching stress reducing meditation techniques to veterans of the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam wars.

Ryan is cofounder of Pause Meditation, LLC and currently works as a mental health counselor in a local crisis center. He provides guided meditation instruction throughout Portland in a number of secular settings for all ages and skill levels.

Abby Kraai
Yoga Teacher

Abby Kraai received her yoga teaching certificate (RYT 200) from Yoga Tree in San Francisco, CA, and has studied a rich blend of styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation, Kids Yoga, and Yoga for Athletes. Abby first came to the mat as a teenager, when she was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis. When back braces, chiropractors, and yoga were not enough, she received corrective surgery in 2002; two stainless steel rods, twenty-two screws, and eleven fused vertebrae later, Abby found new meaning in the word flexibility, and a refreshed appreciation for the miracle that is one’s body. She took up distance running, cycling, and Ultimate Frisbee, and soon found herself pulled back to yoga. Through a balance of Vinyasa, Restorative, and Meditation practices, she built a stronger connection between her breath, body and mind – this connection followed her out of the studio and onto the Frisbee field, the race course, and into her daily life. In every class that she teaches, Abby hopes to inspire her students to appreciate their bodies, stretch their limits, and never to take themselves too seriously. Abby’s other interests include improv comedy, cooking, organic farming, and petting small dogs. 

For her full story, or to contact Abby, visit her website at www.straightupyoga.com.

Rebecca Macy
Yoga Teacher, Counselor

Rebecca Macy is a local yoga teacher and professional counselor - theartofbalancepdx.com - who loves to bring yoga to you! She remembers feeling intimidated by trying yoga for the first time (and still is when stepping into a new class) and designs classes that meet you where you are at - physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. For her, yoga is so much more than a physical exercise. It’s a way of being more present in the world and feeling more connected to herself and others. When she’s not focusing on breathing and stretching she enjoys getting outdoors with her puppy Bandi, catching great music around town with friends, or cooking up something tasty at home. 

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